Smart Cities – Intelligent transportation system in Hradec Králové

On day 2, October 18, of the Eastern Partnership Business Forum, ACEM’s representative, Elena Maevski, had the opportunity to participate in one of the thematic excursions, Smart Cities.

In the framework of the thematic excursion Smart Cities, the intelligent transport system of the city of Kralove was presented.

The intelligent transport management system consists of the electronic device, which is, in fact, the brain of each traffic light intersection, it can work independently, in coordination or with connection to the headquarters.

The efficient operation of the electronic device is ensured by a software package for monitoring and managing traffic in the city. It summarizes traffic intensity in clear statistics, maintains an overview of service events for traffic managers, and has fully automated functions for traffic management.

Traffic management systems have been adapted to the needs of the city, and thanks to intelligent intersections, driving through the city is much smoother and stress-free. Ambulances and buses have priority and dispatchers are provided with a clear overview of the traffic.