Electronics Industry in Moldova

The tradition of manufacturing electronic equipment in Moldova is stretching over decades, being coined as the third largest supplier of electronic equipment in the Ex-Soviet Union. Today, with over 170 companies and 16 000 employees, the electronics industry is one of the most promising industrial sectors in the country in terms of GDP contribution, employment generation and FDI attraction. The success of the sector is attributed to a strong technical and engineering foundation, covering dual VET, colleges and the Technical University. The curricula of vocational schools and universities is under continuous scrutiny of the entire industry in order to ensure compliance with the sector’s needs and standards. Moreover, the availability of a fully-fledged Dual VET system allows companies to harness highly skilled workforce at affordable cost.

Highly qualified and economically advantageous labor force and availability of manufacturing platforms and government incentives, together with the geographical proximity to the EU and the CIS countries, make Moldova an ideal location for manufacturing electronic products.and state incentives alongside the geographical proximity to EU and CIS countries is making
Moldova the perfect location for manufacturing electronics.

Not only manufacturing: Moldovan local companies offer research, development, and engineering services and are eager to develop innovative products and technologies. The government has offered a special tax regime of only 7% of the consolidated turnover tax rate for the residents of Moldova IT Virtual Park who practice research and development activities in natural sciences, engineering, and biotechnology. It implies lower costs for the company; hence, prices for their global customers become more competitive.

The modern electronics industry in Moldova is represented by the companies producing hardware and software, electronic components and devices, smart meters, PLCs, PCBs, micro and nanoconductors, etc. sensors and wires.

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,,Back in 2005 we came to Moldova to evaluate the possibility of manufacturing electronics here and have actually discovered many pro arguments, including: experience in electronics industry, qualified and/or willing qualify workforce, openness to collaborate, Latin writing, convenient cost and last but not least, a positive atmosphere for foreign investors. We just started off and … more than 10 years of Steinel production in Moldova have already passed, certainly not without the necessary investment in technology and personal training. The result is obviously positive: highquality products, skilled and responsible employees, a legislation adapting to the requirements of the market economy. The decision turned out to be a good one. Dankeschon Moldova!”

Victor Hoffman,
Steinel Electronics SRL

,,When entering new markets, we seek talented people, eager to make a difference in the communities they live in. We have found well-grounded specialist in Moldova with good technical skills, whose passion for inovation comes toghether with the desire to reshape the world. They are now part of our team, developing solutions for one of the most important companies in the automotive, home atomation, intellectual proprety, travel or pharmaceutical industries. We dream big for Moldova; therefore we will continue the investments here and will be your business ambassador for other potential investors.”

Vicu Oprean,
CEO, Abrobs

,, In the light of foreseeable strong growth in our business fields and especially in the e-mobility business unit, we came to Moldova for the first time in February 2019 in search of a new, cost-effective location for assembly activities. We were positively surprised and within a year, with the active support of the Moldovan Investment Agency, Giz Moldova and FEZ Administration in particular, we were able to find Magnetec Components SRL and start production in April 2020. Thanks to well qualified and engaged employees, the development of the plant in Balti continues almost as planned, despite the considerable restrictions caused by the corona virus. Due to the positive development and the very motivated and good skiled people, we consider now as well the motivated and good skilled people, we consider now as well the transfer of some engineering and development activities into this location, partly with a worldwide responsibility for the MAGNETEC group.”

Marc Nicolaudius,
Managing Director, Magnetec group

,The growth of our company in the Netherlands (PR-Electronics) motivated us to find additional location to produce power modules for electrical vehicles fast charges. Since 2017, we are fully operational in Moldova. Located in the Free Economic Zone Bălți (subzone Strășeni), we succeeded to tap into key advantages and incetives offered by FEZ.”

Menno Kardolus,
CEO, BlackSea-EMS

,,As a contract manufacturing of inductive electronic components modules and electrical assemblies we succesfully operate since 2013. In the Repuclic of Moldova, we dicovered an investment area with a high potential. We have found flexible labor market. Our profesional cooperation with the goverment an local authorities is very productive. Moldova has an attractive and open fiscal policy and legislation base. This supports sustainable growth and extension of our business. We are open for new business opportunities and challenges.”

Oleg Burlacu,
General Manager, Elektromanufacturinf SRL

,,We opened a joint venture in Moldova in 2018 because of the incentives of the IT Park legislation. Now we have 16 programmers and hardware engineers and we are growing fast. We think it is a great incentive for developing the IT business and attract investment in Moldova.”

Mihai Murgulescu,
Co-Founder, Mechatronics Innovation

,,We operate in Moldova since 1992, and the core of our business is Electronics Design and Embedded Programing. We can stay competitive in a tough market thanks to our engineers. The engineering and programming school in Moldova is at least on par with the major European countries so we never lack talented and engaged personnel.”

Nicu Roman,
Technical Director, AFN Systems

,,ADD Group is a high-tech company from Moldova that design and manufacture benchmarking smart metering solution. Our company covers the full range of manufacture process, from the product development to the customer support. With genuine Moldovan origin, we became a global company operating in more then 27 countries and supplying circa 6 million smart meters worldwide. Our team in Moldova acts as a key enabler for our globalization process having a complete range of competencies for the electronic sector.”

Ruslan Casico,
Head of Sales and Marketing, ADD Group.