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ACEM is the Trusted Partner for Companies in the Electronics Industry

The ACEM aims to become a catalyst for the electronics industry and a reliable dialogue partner for Moldovan decision makers. Our goals include:

  • To represent, protect, and promote the industry’s interests in its relations with the public authorities.
  • To promote cooperation among the members, including technology cooperation as well as international cooperation.
  • To provide a favorable environment for innovations within the sector to encourage creating new products with and increased added value.
  • To increase the sector’s competitiveness in the RM on the local and international markets.

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ACEM Members
$ 100 million
The ACEM member’s turnover amounts
ACEM employs


Facilitating B2B meetings

Identifying and facilitating meetings with prospective local and international business partners

Facilitating participation in international exhibitions

Members’ participation in the most important industry-specific international fairs and exhibitions


Facilitating a continuous dialogue with the official institutions

Association of Electronics Companies in Moldova


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ACEM Testimonials

The association with other electronics companies will bring new opportunities to each member, and the collaboration will generate joint projects and actions so that they have a major impact on the economy of the Republic of Moldova and strengthen the field of electronics. The joint efforts will create relationships with both partners in the country and with those in the European space, and one of the objectives for our companies is to expand the business through sustainable partnerships abroad.

Marina Morozova
BlackSea EMS

Led Market joined ACEM to strengthen the team’s efforts, to promote and popularize the field of the electronics industry in Moldova, for opportunities to promote Led Market products including abroad, we also believe that players in the electronics industry market in Moldova had needed a platform for communication, exchange of experience and development opportunities.

Vadim Danu

“The role of the ACEM is to contribute to the development of the economy in the Republic of Moldova by promoting, developing, and expanding the electronics sector, which includes increasing the number of qualified staff and amending the relevant legislation.”

Vitalie Esanu,

We chose ACEM because its members deal with electronics. I hope to find companies for real, transparent and mutually beneficial cooperation. A second goal would be real participation in amending legislation to facilitate small and medium-sized enterprises related to electronics. We are also interested in increasing the sales market in the Republic of Moldova and abroad.

Iurie Sainsus
Sincos-Plus S.R.L

“The ACEM plays a critical role in reinventing and developing the electronics industry in the Republic of Moldova! Among the benefits ELIRI already enjoys, I would like to mention the following: – increasing the visibility of the companies and the sector by taking part in international exhibitions; – mediation among the companies and the official institutions to facilitate business processes; – networking with different local stakeholders in the electronics/related industry.”

Marcel Varlan,
Eliri CEO

“We chose ACEM firstly to promote our company on foreign markets, secondly to get to know all the actors on the local market and thirdly to be represented in the state institutions on industry-specific issues.”

Roman Nicu,
Mechatronics Innovation Center

“The ACEM facilitates interaction with companies in the same sphere in Moldova and provides opportunities for cooperation related on services, supply of materials, and staff.”

Ruslan Cunup,
Steinel Electronics

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