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Companies in the spheres of electronics industry, including microelectronics, nanotechnologies, embedded systems, software, R&D, and EMS, are invited to join the Association to support the development and improve competitiveness of electronics industry.

The members shall comply with the provisions of the Articles of Incorporation and the decisions of the governing authorities of the Association. Membership is voluntary, personal, and inalienable.


Full members (have deliberative voting rights)

  • Full member – Gold
  • Full member

Associate members (pay reduced annual fees and participate in discussing issues and problems of the Association with the right of consultative votes)

Associate member. Intended for:

  • Field-specific educational institutions.
  • For small and medium-sized enterprises.
  • Recently founded businesses up to three years old, with a team of up to 10 persons, which are not branches of any multinational corporations.

The membership fees differ depending on the type of a member’s participation.

Become an ACEM member by following 3 simple steps:

Please fill in the membership form below (online or PDF) and send it to After your application is sent, it will be transmitted to the Council of Administration for approval. If any additional information required, a member of the ACEM team will contact you.


Within 30 days from filing the application, a reasoned decision regarding the applicant’s admission or rejection will be issued. Once approved by the Council of Administration, a welcome letter and an invoice for the membership fee will be issued.


As soon as the invoice is paid, a new member can fully enjoy all the benefits and services offered by the ACEM.


Become a member!

Download the membership form.

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