The Ambassador of the Republic of Moldova to the Republic of Turkey on a working visit to ACEM member companies

His Excellency, the Ambassador of the Republic of Moldova to the Republic of Turkey, Dmitri CROITOR, during the period 1-2 September 2022, made working visits within the Association and to the member companies ÎTȘ “Informbusiness” S.R.L. and ADD Grup S.R.L.

During the visit at the Association, the President of ACEM, Vitalie Eșanu and the Project Coordinator, Elena Maevski, presented the electronic sector of the Republic of Moldova and the activities of ACEM member companies.

During the working visit of His Excellency, were discussed the topics of promoting electronic products on the markets of Turkey, Egypt, Lebanon and the Kingdom of Jordan, and also the identification of potential partners for companies in the electronic sector from the Republic of Moldova, in order to increase the number of export of electronics products to the countries of the Middle East.
After the meeting at the association, the parties went to visit the production and testing laboratories of the ÎTȘ Informbusiness company.
Informbusiness is the only company in Moldova that produces electronic equipment for public transport, such as: trolleybuses, electrobuses, trams, etc. The electronic equipment developed by the engineers of the Informbusiness company today is operated in more than 120 cities of the world.

Also, the visit program included a meeting with the Head of the Marketing and Sales Department of the ADD Grup company, Ruslan Casico.
Mr. Casico presented the field of activity, the type and specifics of the products developed within the ADD company.
The ADD company specializes in the production of smart electricity meters. The total number of meters produced by the company today is more than 7 million, which have been exported to 33 countries around the world.

It should be noted that in the spring of 2022, the ADD company launched a new production line, namely, Smart Water Meter, which can transmit remote data on the consumer’s water consumption to the operator, detect water leaks, and disconnect the water consumer at a distance, etc.

Mr Ambassador, during the meeting, visited the production halls and testing laboratories of smart electricity meters and water meters.

His Excellency, the Ambassador of the Republic of Moldova in the Republic of Turkey expressed his willingness to support the electronic sector in order to promote electronic products in the countries of the Middle East.