ACEM hosted a working visit of the Organization for Entrepreneurship Development ODA

The Association of Electronics Companies in Moldova hosted the working visit of the Interim Director of the Organization for Entrepreneurship Development ODA, Dumitru Pîntea, and the Head of the Finance for Growth and Internationalization Directorate, Țurcanu Constantin. Also participated at the meeting ACEM’s partner, the German Agency for International Cooperation (GIZ), in the person of Veaceslav Șutchevici and the technical director of ÎTȘ “Informbusiness” S.R.L., Alexandru Motroi. The association was represented by the President of ACEM, Vitalie Eșanu and the Project Coordinator, Elena Maevski.

During the meeting, ACEM President Vitalie Eșanu presented the activities of the Association and its members. The development perspectives of the electronics industry were presented, as well as the challenges faced by ACEM members.

ODA representatives, for their part, presented during the meeting the fields/programs aimed at supporting the development of the domestic entrepreneurial environment, including small and medium-sized enterprises, by promoting the entrepreneurial culture, providing financial and technical assistance for companies, as well as ensuring the support infrastructure in business.

During the meeting, the potential directions of collaboration between the members of the Association of Electronic Companies in Moldova and the Organization for Entrepreneurship Development ODA were also analyzed.

At the end of the meeting, the technical director, Alexandru Motroi, together with Vitalie Eșanu, presented to the guests the laboratories for the production and testing of electronic equipment, intended for exploitation in public transport, of the Informbusiness company.