QUBE2SPACE Competition Winners

Between November 3-5, 2023, a group of 8 students from Chisinau had the opportunity to participate in the QUBE2SPACE competition, organized by the Technical University of Bucharest.

During the competition, the team of the Republic of Moldova created a prototype satellite, equipped with the ability to collect data from different sensors indispensable to an aircraft, including accelerometer, barometer, gyroscope.

Their results were recognized by obtaining the special prize for the scientific approach, thus positioning themselves among the first 3 teams out of 15 participants. The satellite will be launched with the help of a model rocket, and will be subjected to tests that will evaluate its capabilities in a real scenario.

Participation in this competition took place with the support of The Association of Electronics Companies in Moldova  (ACEM) and the ITȘ “Informbusiness”.