Latest electronics engineering projects implemented by the technical-scientific company Informbusiness

On September 9, 2021, in the city of Odesa, Ukraine, were presented the first 3 electric buses assembled with electronic equipment made by the company Informbusiness.

The electric buses are designed for 30-35 seats, and the total number of transported passengers is intended for approximately 104 people. The battery capacity is 60 kW / h. The electric bus can travel 70 km until the battery is completely discharged.

Moreover, on September 11, 2021, in the city of Mykolaiv, Ukraine, on the day of the city, were presented 10 of 60 Dnipro 203 trolleybuses, purchased under a loan from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, and 1 tram KTM-5 made with the contribution of the technical-scientific company Informbusiness.

The project was carried out in partnership with Litan Trading House LLC, known as Dnipro trolleybus suppliers, which are assembled in Yuzhmash (Ukraine) on the MAZ-103 and MAZ-203 bodies, produced in Belarus, Minsk. Informbusiness has developed and tested the electronic equipment needed to assemble trolleybuses.
The first batch of trolleybuses was assembled at the Dnipro plant in mid-August, after which they were tested and delivered to Nikolaev.

KTM-5 is the first modernized tram. The project involves the modernization of the KTM-5 tram, manufactured in 1986, including the body. The electronic equipment was produced by Informbusiness.

It took more than two years to modernize the KTM-5 tram.

Electric buses and trolleybuses are equipped with air conditioning and passenger accounting systems. The first modernized tram KTM-5 is not equipped with an air conditioner; the system will be installed in subsequent vehicles produced.