International methodical-scientific conference “Digital technical professional education – from present to future”

On the 23rd of November this year, the International Methodological-Scientific Conference took place with the generic title “Digital technical professional education – from the present to the future”, organized by the Balți Polytechnic College in partnership with the Association for the Development of Electronic Communications and Innovative Technologies (ACETI ), USAID, the Ministry of Education and Research of Moldova, Sweden Sverige, Digital Innovation Hub of Moldova and the Association of Electronics Companies in Moldova.

The conference aimed to disseminate the digital experience between the academic environment (colleges, excellence centres, vocational schools, universities) and the business environment, for a successful career.

During the conference, Elena MAEVSKI, Project Coordinator of ACEM, presented the electronics sector in the Republic of Moldova, mentioning the importance of the sector and its contribution to the economic development of the Republic of Moldova.

Mr. Rodion CITAC, HR Manager, of Magnetec Components Company, member of ACEM, presented during the conference the good practices implemented within the company and, at the same time, mentioned the advantages that the Magnetec company offers to its employees.

Mr. Gheorghe ZVEZDENCO, Deputy Director for training and education I.P. Excellence Center in Power Engineering and Electronics from Chisinau, presented the digital tools developed by CEEE teachers, such as the digital manual, which teachers in the teaching process use.

The event is part of the series of activities organized in the context of the Digital Transformation Days in the Northern Development Region.