In 2023, the production of an electric bus created by engineers from Moldova and Ukraine will begin

In 2023, mass production of the first urban electric bus, created jointly by Ukrainian and Moldovan engineers, will begin.

The Chernihiv Automobile Plant of the Etalon Corporation is preparing in 2023 to start mass production of an urban electric bus with a range of 200 km and a passenger compartment for 54 seats. It will be 9.3 meters long and weigh 13 tons, reports.

The Chernihiv Automobile Plant is developing an electric bus jointly with the Moldovan company Informbusiness. This year, it is planned to manufacture, certify and start mass production of an electric bus. It can become the main transport on routes where city buses of a similar class are used, including in Moldova.

Cooperation between a Moldovan engineering company and a Ukrainian enterprise began several years ago and has already become a reality. In 2020, the Etalon Corporation at the Chernihiv plant began production of battery-powered trolleybuses. The low-floor, high-capacity trolleybus, 12 m long, with an autonomous run of up to 20 km and dynamic recharging, was equipped with an electric motor from a Latvian manufacturer – the Riga Electric Machine Building Plant, as well as a traction drive and an autonomous running system from Informbusiness.

The scientific and technical enterprise Informbusiness began its activity in 1992. Since 2002, it has been developing and manufacturing electronic equipment for urban electric transport. The company manufactures a wide range of products, which is constantly expanding. Manufactured products correspond to the latest achievements of science and technology. The produced equipment is designed for the electronic control of trolleybuses and trams by DC and AC traction motors.

A number of Chisinau trolleybuses have been equipped with the Informbusiness SDMC-103 control system for several years. The company is constantly increasing production and assortment, expanding the geography of its partners.

If in 2017 the company’s sales volume amounted to 16.13 million lei (profit – 6.82 million lei), then in 2021 the turnover reached 73 million lei with a profit of 40.97 million lei.

The turnover/profit ratio shows that this company sells products with a very high added value, which is quite rare in Moldova.

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