Attracting Talent to the Electronics Industry through Dual Education. Mutually Beneficial Collaboration between Companies and Educational Institutions

ACEM member companies participated on March 14, 2024, at the workshop “Opportunities for the Realization of Dual Education in the Electronics Sector“, organized by ACEM in partnership with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Republic of Moldova (CCI).

The aim of the event was to inform business entities about the practical aspects of DUAL education.

The event was attended by Silviu GÎNCU, Head of the Department of Technical Vocational Education Policies, Ministry of Education and Research, Elena MOVILEANU, Head of the DUAL Education Section, CCI, and representatives of companies in the sector, such as Steinel Electronic SRL, Whetec SRL, Informbusiness SRL, BSW Tech SRL, Magnetec Components, etc.; of level 3 educational institutions, Vocational School No. 6 and Vocational School No. 7 from Chisinau.

DUAL education is an effective way of combining theory and practice in the training of young people. It involves close collaboration between educational institutions and companies, giving students the opportunity to develop their practical skills in a real working environment while continuing their academic studies.

Through this model, students benefit from comprehensive training, acquiring essential theoretical knowledge within the educational institution, but also valuable practical skills through their involvement in actual work activities at partner companies. This direct experience in industry enables them to better understand the requirements and procedures specific to the field in which they wish to work, thus preparing them for easier integration into the labour market.

On the other hand, companies also benefit from dual learning, as they can identify and attract talented young people at an early stage of their training. By involving them in the education process, companies can help shape the future of the workforce by ensuring access to skilled human resources adapted to market requirements.

Rodion CITAC, Head of the Human Resources Department, Magnetec Components, shared with those present at the event the best practices of implementing DUAL education. Mr. Citac mentioned that Magnetec Components implemented for the first time in partnership with the Polytechnic College of Balti in autumn 2023 the DUAL education, and its benefits were felt by the company in a short time.

ACEM will continue to promote DUAL education as an integrated part of the national education system. ACEM supports and encourages cooperation between companies in the sector and educational institutions in order to improve the professional training of the young generation, which directly contributes to the economic and social development of our communities.

We would like to thank the host of the event, Steinel Electronic for their willingness to collaborate on this dimension.

We also appreciate the significant contribution of the development partners, the German Agency for International Cooperation, GIZ Moldova, in promoting DUAL education in the electronics field.

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